Moray squadron’s pride in Battle of Britain role

Commemorative stamps launched today
Commemorative stamps launched today

SIX NEW STAMPS being released today to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain will feature the pivotal role played by RAF Lossiemouth’s 1(F) Squadron.

The squadron played a major role in defending the UK from invasion – now it has been included in the Royal Mail tribute to “the few”.

From today until Saturday all mail passing through the UK’s postal services will be franked with the message “75th anniversary Battle of Britain” – making the stamped and franked envelopes prized possessions for collectors around the world.

The 1(F) Squadron of today may be very different from 1940 – but the part played by the squadron is still looked back on with a great deal of pride.

An RAF Lossiemouth spokesman said: “We are very honoured to be able to help celebrate the achievements of 1(F) Squadron. It is wholly appropriate that the efforts it made during World War II are part of this collection.

“The Battle of Britain was a crucial factor in deciding the outcome of the war and we wish to recognise its anniversary in any way we can.”