Police warning as another 81 reported for road offences

A POLICE CRACKDOWN in Aberdeenshire and Moray saw over 190 motorists being stopped and spoken to over the weekend – with 81 of them reported for a variety of offences.

Officers were taking part in ‘Operation Cedar’, which is aimed at encouraging drivers to take more care on roads throughout the north east.

In the latest operation one driver was caught driving at 114mph in a 60mph zone – while five men were charged with drink driving and a sixth reported for refusing to provide a breath test.

“Despite repeated warnings about the dangers, it is disappointing to find that drivers of all ages are still willing to ignore the speed limit or drink and drive,” road policing inspector Ewan Innes said after the weekend operation.

He added: “These motorists are not only putting themselves in danger, but placing other lives at risk too.

“We would encourage all motorists to think about their actions while on the road, as these offences can have devastating consequences.”

The 81 who have been reported or warned were stopped for a variety of offences including speeding, use of a mobile phone while driving or driving without a seatbelt as well as the more serious speeding and drink/drive offences.