Amazing feat as windsurfer sails his board around the UK

Jono Dunnett had a stopover in Lossiemouth before making his way along the Moray coast (pic: H2O Training)

MORAY’S SHORES ARE well used to visiting boats throughout the summer – many undertaking sailing expeditions around the UK coastline.

This week, however, our coastal communities are enjoying one special an unusual visitor in the form of Jono Dunnett, who is traversing the Moray coast just now – on a windsurf board.

Mr Dunnett’s visit is part of an attempt to windsurf his way around the UK and Irish coastline – and if successful the intrepid Jono will become only the fourth person to achieve the feat.

The 41-year-old is aiming to emulate the achievements of Tim Batstone in 1984 and that of Keith Russell and Richard Cooper who achieved the feat in 1999.

Jono set out from London on June 7 and has since made his way along the south coast before moving up the west coast, crossing over to the Irish east coast before returning to the UK west coast around Scotland.

His route along the north coast then saw Jono head south again down the east, landing at Lossiemouth this week before continuing his journey home to London.

Jono’s amazing efforts can be tracked online at