Council setting an example with £108k energy savings

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Energy saving measures have produced £108k in savings

MORAY COUNCIL STAFF have been setting an example by reducing their energy consumption to a point where they have saved over £108,000 in the last year.

A meeting of the policy and resources committee on Tuesday will be told that the Council’s energy consumption for the year to April 2015 fell by 4.4% compared to the previous year – over double the target set 2% set in their energy policy strategy.

The savings are the result of energy awareness briefings and training sessions carried out by the local authority throughout the last year with more schedule for this year.

Councillors will be asked to note that further measures are being put in place to bring about even greater savings in energy consumption, with a detailed report expected from an earlier decision to employ external consultants to develop more innovative solutions for carbon and energy reduction in Moray.

The report before councillors by Estates Manager Stuart Beveridge and Energy Officer Bill Anderson concludes: “There is still potential for further significant reductions in energy consumption through a programme of energy projects, property rationalisation, use of Building Energy Management Systems and staff awareness/behaviour changes.

“These are necessary to minimise the Council’s carbon emissions, energy costs and the associated impact of the Carbon Reduction Energy Efficiency Scheme.”