Longer hours and better support from Heritage Centre move

Heritage Services set for move to Library

SCHOOL SPACE TAKEN up by the current location of the Moray Council Heritage Centre at East End Primary School is required for educational purposes.

That is what councillors are being told this week when they will be asked to approve the relocation of the service to the Elgin Library.

Members of the children and young people’s services committee will be asked to approve the move that would allow space vacated at the Elgin primary school to be used as additional classroom space accommodating 130 pupils.

If approved the frontline Heritage Services will be accommodated in the learning centre on the first floor of the library building.

Committee members will be told: “No other location has been identified that would provide adequate space to accommodate this service and not involve significant cost.”

The report adds that service users will also enjoy greater access to computing facilities, parking and café facilities in the Library.

Tourist information services are also already being provided at the Elgin library so additional staff expertise and support would be available to the Heritage Centre at its new home, with services also being provided during the libraries normal 10am to 8pm weekday opening hours and 10am to 4pm Saturday opening hours.