Moray’s hidden Jewel is marked out as a top seaside destination

The Jewel is a top-25 UK seaside destination.
Lossiemouth is listed in the top-25 UK seaside destinations.

AT A TIME WHEN overseas holidays are falling in popularity and ‘staycation’ is the name of the game for many British holidaymakers, one Moray town is finding itself catapulted back into the list of must-see destinations.

Lossiemouth is one of just three Scottish towns that have found their way to the top 25 seaside town’s people in the UK just like to be beside.

A survey by Holiday Lettings  – a tripadvisor company – has listed the Jewel of the Moray Firth alongside Oban and Gullane as seaside places everyone wishes to live in – and, failing that, at least visit.

Confirming that during the last year Lossiemouth saw an increase in traffic on their site by an amazing 70.49%, a spokesman for Holiday Lettings said: “It is no secret that we British love a summer holiday – sun, sea and sand seem to be just what the doctor ordered.

“Since the 1950’s we have been flying to France and setting sail for Spain – but recently we have realised it does not have to be that way, as our fair isles are packed full of amazing places.”

Alongside a long list of world-famous UK resort towns the site’s survey cast its eyes north and rested on the Moray coast – very much liking what they saw: “The gorgeous seaside town of Lossiemouth has managed to preserve its wilder side.

“Superb for sailing and wonderful for waves, ‘Lossie’ continues to attract water sports enthusiasts to its unspoilt shores year after year. Its location on the tip of Highlands means the area benefits from the milder ocean temperatures of the Gulf Stream, keeping this spectacular coast alluring to ramblers beyond the UK’s traditional summer months.

“Do you go all doughy for dolphins? Take a boat ride just off shore and you might make some new mammal mates!”

A spokesman for the Laich Coast Tourism Group said that they were not surprised in the slightest to find Lossiemouth in the UK’s top 25 seaside resorts – but felt that, like Cornwall which has seven communities in the top 25 list, a few more Moray beaches were worthy of similar attention.

He said: “Lossiemouth has been a ‘hidden secret’ for far too long – it’s almost as if we in Moray want to keep the Jewel to ourselves and resent intrusion from those outside the town.

“It’s great then to see that the secret appears to be out, but we really need to do a great deal more in terms of facilities and accommodation for visitors coming to the Moray coast.

“We would hope as well that there will be a knock-on effect for other fantastic coastal towns and villages in Moray – we really do need to do better at attracting visitors all along our coastline.”

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