Moray Labour go on the attack after increase in membership

Sean Morton - increase in membership boost for Labour
Sean Morton – increase in membership boost for Labour

THE LABOUR PARTY in Moray is in the midst of a fightback with new members boosting the local party.

That is according to local party secretary Sean Morton, who is highlighting new national membership figures that show half a million people will choose the new Labour leader.

“More people in Moray than ever before will have a say in choosing the leader of the UK Labour Party – and hopefully the next Prime Minister,” Mr Morton said, adding: “During the election and since, membership and support has increased dramatically at a local level with hundreds of people eligible to vote in the contest to be Labour leader.

“We are delighted to have these new members and supporters on board as we head into the Scottish Parliament elections, the EU referendum and council elections.

“There is no doubt that Labour has a mountain to climb to win back the trust of the people but we can come back with growing support like this.”

Moray Labour is stepping up their efforts to reflect the increase in their membership with their chairman this week launching an attack on “croynyism” within the SNP leadership at the Scottish Government.

Craig Graham has commented on former SNP special adviser Jennifer Dempsie and her involvement in a £150,000 grant being awarded to organisers of the T in the Park music festival.

Mr Graham said: “Not just once but twice a former SNP special advisor, with close links to both the former First Minister Alex Salmond and the current Westminster SNP leader Angus Robertson, appears to be using her links to open back channels between government ministers and one business that frankly didn’t need any special treatment.

“The SNP talk of a new era of politics but the truth is they appear to be practicing the same kind of cronyism that turns people off politics.

“The idea that this former aide now seeks to represent the people of Moray as a Highlands and Islands MSP is an insult.

“It beggars belief that she was just last week endorsed by the Moray SNP as one of their preferred candidates for the Scottish Parliament. This is a party that is so used to taking Moray voters for granted they aren’t even embarrassed by nominating a candidate with this kind of track record.”