Moray residents warned of likely increase in aircraft noise

Warning of night flying from Moray base next week
Warning of night flying from Moray base next week

RESIDENTS AROUND RAF Lossiemouth are being warned to expect an increase in night flying and its attendant noise levels next week.

Both Tornado and Typhoon aircraft at the Moray base will be entering a period of training on night flying starting on Monday, 24 August.

A spokesman for the RAF base said that both ground and air crews are required to train in every environment if they are to maintain their capability to deploy on operations around the world at short notice.

The base commanding officer, Group Captain Mark Chappell, explained: “As well as being the provider of the Quick Reaction Alert (QRA) protection of UK skies, RAF Lossiemouth is required to train our front line personnel for operations globally.

“In order to do this we must ensure our fast jet pilots are used to operating their aircraft at night.”

While flying will be carried out at various times of the evening the latest landing time is expected to be around 11.30pm.

Normal operational flying of the QRA force at the base will continue to be liable to night flying at any time.