Motorist refused breath test after being stopped in Buckie

St Paul Street
St Paul Street

A MOTORIST WAS weaving and veering all over the road when spotted by police on St Paul Street in Buckie in May this year.

When stopped Liam Davenport struggled to speak clearly and refused to complete a breath test – and that landed him in court on Thursday where he was given a three-year ban from the roads and a £680 fine.

Davenport was stopped on May 23, the court was told, after police observed that he had repeatedly slowed and then increased speed, before his car mounted the pavement as he attempted to park outside a takeaway.

Davenport, whose address was given as Fernhill Road in Glasgow, was cautioned and charged after his refusal to take a breath test. Speaking on behalf of his client solicitor Matthew O’Neill said that alcohol had not normally been a problem “but he accepts he consumed in excess” that day.

In addition to admitting failing to complete a breath test Davenport also admitted driving without having any road tax.