Moray ready to take their share of refugee burden

Syrian refugees will be allowed into the UK
Syrian refugees will be allowed into the UK

MORAY WILL SUPPORT the UK-wide aid effort to relieve the plight of refugees fleeing war-torn Syria.

Public pressure has been growing this week as more people react to the sickening and upsetting images of children who have died as a result of their families attempting to escape from Syria’s war.

Meetings were taking place yesterday between local Labour and SNP councilors who earlier this week sought assurances from the ruling administration that Moray Council would assist in any national efforts to relieve the plight of the refugees.

The UK Government is now saying that they will allow thousands more to enter the country – but only those who are in refugee camps in Syria rather than the thousands who have left their native country in desperation.

Now senior members of the Council administration group in Moray have said they are ready to do all possible to assist, a spokesman commenting: “Group leaders recognise that refugees will need more than accommodation – the specialist support to deal with the trauma from war is a matter that will require coordination at a national level.

“Local Authorities often have a role in delivering support of this nature and there is much expertise across local authorities throughout the UK that bodies such as COSLA and the Local Government Association are well placed to coordinate to meet commitments made by the UK government.

“Moray Council is ready to play its part”

Last night Councillor Sean Morton, who has been at the spearhead of the Moray aid co-ordination effort with the SNP’s Councillor Kirsty Reid, welcomed the response from council leaders, saying: “I welcome the news that the council will do everything in its power to help Syrian refugees.

“Today I have been in touch with the Convener of the Council, the Chief Executive and Councillor Reid of the SNP. Councillor Reid and I will meet the Chief Executive again at the end of the day with a representative from TSI Moray.

“I set up Moray CalAid last night and have asked for collection points to be set up in Moray to allow aid to be sorted and collected.

“So many people want to help and I’m delighted that the Chief Executive of the Council is making steady progress.”