New leaflet aims to focus attention on Moray Coast

New leaflet promoting Moray coastline
New leaflet promoting Moray coastline

VISITORS TO MORAY’S coastal communities are being provided with greater information than ever thanks to the efforts of a group set up by local residents.

Around 15,000 new leaflets will soon be circulating around Moray and beyond promoting the attractions of the Moray Coast.

The Laich Coast Tourism Group was formed last year by members of the community councils of Burghead and Lossiemouth and the community association in Hopeman, along with representatives from several community groups and businesses from Findhorn to Lossiemouth.

“Our group was formed because many people felt that not enough was being done to promote our beautiful coastal region,” Joan Megson, the vice-chair of the tourism group said, adding: “It was felt that so many people came to Moray and Speyside to explore the world-famous whisky trail – not realising that there was much more to our region than whisky.

“The Laich Coast has a fantastic and fascinating history but it has also been recognised by such as National Geographic and TripAdvisor as having some of the world’s finest coastal scenery.

“We hope that our leaflet and a forthcoming website and video will better reflect that and bring many more visitors to our coastline.”

The new leaflet was financed by donations from its member groups including Morayvia and the Covesea Lighthouse, just two of the many attractions featured in the publication.

Such has been the interest in the work of the tourism group it is already seeking to expand its area of operation. Mrs Megson said: “The Moray coast will be one of the main areas being promoted by Moray/Speyside Tourism next year.

“While our initial intention was to focus on the Laich coast from Findhorn to Lossiemouth, we are now aiming to speak with groups to the east and extend our reach along the entire Moray coastline to Cullen, renaming the group accordingly.”