Community drive to find smoke free home champions

Roadshow in Elgin next week
Roadshow in Elgin next week

AN INNOVATIVE COMMUNITY based project being introduced through a partnership between tsiMORAY, NHS Grampian and Fire Scotland aims to protect vulnerable children from second-hand smoke.

A launch event is being held aboard NHS public health information bus, which will be parked on the Plainstones in Elgin from 11am until 4pm on Friday, October 23.

Members of the smoke free team will be available to provide information to the public on the risks of second hand smoke – and encourage them to sign a pledge to promise and make their homes and cars smoke-free zones.

“Our project is not about someone’s choice to smoke as we know that some people are not ready to quit,” smoke free homes project officer Lucy Morrison said.

She added: “However, we really want people to fully understand the risks of second hand smoke and by giving them the full facts and tools to help them choose to make their home smoke free will greatly improve the health and wellbeing of their family.”

Eric Russell is area public health coordinator at the Moray Health and Social Care Partnership.

He said: “We are delighted to work with tsiMORAY on the smoke free homes project. Smoking at home is still prevalent in Moray, and although everyone knows that cigarette smoke is harmful, they may not be aware that 85% of tobacco smoke is invisible and doesn’t smell and that the toxic chemicals can linger in the home for up to five hours after a cigarette is stubbed out.

“Children are more vulnerable to second hand smoke as they breathe faster and their immune systems are still developing. They are more likely to develop asthma and middle ear infections and also more at risk of contracting meningitis.”

As part of the project tsiMORAY are looking to recruit a number of volunteer community champions whose role it is to work alongside people in deprived areas of Moray and support them to make their homes smoke free.

If you are interested in finding out more about the smoke free homes project, please contact Lucy Morrison, smoke free homes project officer 01343 541713 or email