Community told police are hot on the trail of vandals

Keith - CCTV clues to vandal suspects
Keith – CCTV clues to vandal suspects

POLICE ARE COMBING CCTV images taken in Keith in a bid to identify the culprits behind a series of recent vandal attacks in the town.

The promise was made at a meeting of the Keith Community Council this week where members expressed their concerns over recent incidents – most notably when a former toilet block being used to store £15,000 worth of new Christmas lights was vandalised.

Members of the community council admitted that they had a narrow escape in that incident, as those responsible stole electrical equipment – but left the new lights, purchased to upgrade the festive display in the town, untouched.  In another case of mindless destruction hanging floral baskets in the town have been destroyed.

A police community liaison officer told community councillors that there was some leads on who was responsible that they wished to look into further and that they were hopeful of a positive outcome.  Police have also undertaken to note the names and addresses of any young people they find loitering in the town and inform their parents.

Community council member Sandy Dickson said: “There was a lot of discussion about how the police will go forward with this and hopefully they will get to the bottom of the vandalism.”

A police spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that officers are investigating the vandalism of eight community baskets hanging in Keith.”

Police have teamed up with Moray Council recently in launching a new initiative against vandalism throughout Moray. ‘Operation Regard’ will focus in particular on Forres, Keith, Elgin, Portgordon and Cullen where there has been a notable increase in vandal activity in recent months.

Inspector Paul McCruden said: “When you realise there is a rise in vandalism it is important for us to take action to address that.”