Councillors slam vandals out to ruin Christmas

Gary Coull
Councillor Coull – disappointing that vandals continue to blight community

POLICE ARE URGING people to come forward and help them identify the culprits behind increasing vandalism attacks in Moray.

Earlier this week the force in Moray launched a joint initiative with Moray Council’s antisocial behaviour team. Operation Regard is aimed at increasing the pressure on vandals throughout Moray.

Now councillors in Keith are warning that they will not allow vandals to ruin plans to increase the Christmas decorations in the town. The local community has invested over £15,000 in new festive decorations with the aim of adding a colourful display through the entire length of the busy A96 where it passes through the town.

However, vandals recently broke into a former council building on Mid Street where decorations are stored, stealing a box of items valued at £50.

Local councillor Stewart Cree said: “Fortunately the £15,000 worth of lights are safe but a lot of effort goes into this by the community and it is terrible for those involved to have to worry so much.

“It was an alarm and a scare and we have increased security with additional locks – but this is wanton behaviour that will not be tolerated.”

Fellow councillor Gary Coull added: “It is really disappointing that there is a small number of vandals in the town involved in this mindless behaviour. We have CCTV in Keith and hopefully we can follow things up with the police and the community warden to stamp this out.”

Anyone with information on any acts of vandalism in Keith or throughout Moray is asked to contact police on 101.