‘Elgin County Council’ phone scam fails to pass go

Bogus Callers alert in Moray
Another alert – this time a poorly researched scam

MORAY RESIDENTS ARE being warned of yet another telephone scam that has been reported in homes throughout the region.

Trading Standards officers at Moray Council say they have received complaints about calls offering to help in claims against local authorities for “medical negligence”.

The caller, who claims to be from the Elgin County Council – revealing a clear ignorance of the local authority set-up in Moray – asks for cash up-front to act on their potential victim’s behalf.

Peter Adamson, manager at Moray Trading Standards, said: “Our advice is that these calls are clearly part of a scam – and we suggest that people put the phone down if they are contacted.

“Anyone with concerns about this or any other suspicious telephone call should contact Citizens Advice on 03454 040506.”