Former WWII RAF base to be home for 200k solar panels

Milltown - to become the home of a solar panel energy farm
Milltown – to become the home of a solar panel energy farm

A FORMER RAF airfield that was last used in the 1970’s is to become the home of around 200,000 Solar Panels.

Councillors have backed a proposal that will see the former RAF Milltown base, once used as a second world war ‘satellite’ airfield for RAF Lossiemouth, being used to generate power of up to 50megawatts.

Members of the planning and regulatory services committee approved the ambitious plan after hearing that the panels would be sited outside the existing runway paths on a 300-acre section of the site.

In a report to the committee planning officer Angus Burnie explained: “Associated infrastructure for this project will include a primary sub-station, 50 smaller sub-stations, 20 CCTV cameras and a 2.4m high deer fence.”

It is expected that the new power plant will be in place for 25 years – and that throughout that time the land will continue to be used for agricultural purposes.

The development is the brainchild of Elgin Energy EsCo Limited, who will consult with adjoining community councils on how best to progress their plan.

Having been used during the second war the base was turned into a communications station by the Ministry of Defence.  It was still maintained for flight operations until 1977. The site has recently been pitched as the possible location for a new sports activity centre.