Moray actors recycle their skills in local schools

Fun way of teaching recycling at Moray schools
Fun way of teaching recycling at Moray schools

ACTING LESSONS COULD inspire young people in Moray towards a future career – or at least to learn how to dispose of household waste in a responsible manner.

Out of the Darkness Theatre Company is to join forces with Moray Council’s waste management section to stage a short play on recycling and how they should make proper use of coloured wheelie bins.

Featuring four actors from the company and a full size cut-out of wheelie bins, the theatre company will continue their tour of all primary schools. The activity has been devised as part of the council’s ongoing campaign to educate the younger generation on the benefits of reducing waste.

Already one of the leading Scottish local authorities in terms of recycling, Moray Council hopes the joint initiative will help instil the merits of recycling in the minds of residents at a very young age.

Chairman of the economic development and infrastructure committee, Councillor John Cowe, said of the initiative: “I saw one of the performances for myself at a primary school in Elgin and I thought it was extremely good.

“It was presented in a way that the children understood and could relate to and certainly got across the message about the importance of recycling to the environment. It is very important that people get into the recycling mindset from an early age and this type of theatrical performance will help to achieve that.”

Lee Cruickshank, who was involved in scripting the play for Out of the Darkness, said it had gone down well with the young audiences across Moray. “The pupils not only understood what the play was saying about waste management, recycling and the environment, we know that many of them took that message home to pass on to their parents and other family members, which is very encouraging.”