National young people’s charity fears for 4000 Moray children

Angus Robertson - highlights fears of Children's Society
Angus Robertson – highlights fears of Children’s Society

A CAMPAIGN GROUP that fights for the rights of children and young people has said they are “seriously concerned” over plans by the UK Government to re-define child poverty.

The Children’s Society has issued figures that show 4000 Moray children living in over 2000 households will lose from tax credit cuts being press on them by Westminster.

An influential charity for the last 100 years, the Children’s Society has driven local and national changes and provided support where it is needed most. The Society worked with over 34,000 vulnerable children in the last year, while their campaign victories have brought life-changing support to over 1.8million young people.

Now they are speaking out over the tax credit changes for working families that brought about a rebellion in the House of Lords earlier this week – but are still high on the UK Government agenda.

Commenting on the figures, Moray’s MP Angus Robertson said: “The Children’s Society figures illustrate the scale of the damage this measure will do – not only to my own constituents in Moray, but across the whole of the UK.

“Even the Tories’ Scottish leader disagrees with these cuts. The Scottish parliament is united in its opposition – and yet, we find ourselves, once again, at the mercy of a Government with no regard for the negative consequences of its attacks on the poor.”

The MP added that pressure applied ultimately led to the Government being defeated this week, and the Chancellor has said he will revise the proposals – but Mr Robertson warned: “He is still hell-bent on cutting the cost of Tax Credits by billions of pounds and that can only mean hitting low paid families.

“As if that wasn’t bad enough, the UK Government plans to cover up these consequences, by re-defining what constitutes child poverty.

“It’s simply astonishing – but sadly, not surprising. I can give my constituents in Moray my assurance that SNP MPs will continue to oppose these cuts, which are doing huge damage and putting an incredible strain on charities and local services who are ultimately having to step in and pick up the pieces.”