Backing in Moray for national Human Rights awareness

Human Rights campaign backed by Moray Council
Human Rights campaign backed by Moray Council

A SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT public relations and social media campaign aimed at raising awareness on human rights is being backed in Moray.

The campaign using the social media tag #FlyTheFlag for your human rights is to run until the International Human Rights day on Thursday, December 10.

Raising awareness of the benefits of human rights for people in their everyday lives, the campaign hopes to show how such rights – often taken for granted – affect everyone in every community in Scotland.

Now Moray Council is lending its support to the campaign, publicising the effort through their own social media links and website. A spokesman said: “In supporting the campaign, Moray Council recognises its responsibility to ensure that it upholds and protects the human rights of its citizens.

“There are 16 human rights which are protected by the European Convention on Human Rights which came into force in 1953 as a democratic response to political extremism and the abuse of power.”

More information about the campaign and what you can do if you or someone else has been treated poorly can be found on

The website also explains in plain English how human rights legislation protects citizens and challenges a lot of common misconceptions with factual information.

The public can show their individual support for human rights by visiting