Moray primary school pupils are ‘more motivated’

Keith Primary - survived troubled times
Keith Primary – survived troubled times

PUPILS ATTENDING KEITH primary school are much more motivated and involved in planning and discussing their learning, according to a new report by Education Scotland inspectors.

The findings are part of a report that has drawn a line under a process that started two and a half years ago, when shortcomings were identified in an inspection report on the school.

Since then “significant progress” has been made, with a second and final follow-up visit finding that staff now understood their roles and responsibilities in taking forward improvements.

As a result of the latest findings, which were published on Tuesday, no further visits are required or will be made to the school by inspectors who had also found that learning and achievement identified in earlier follow-up visits were continuing throughout Keith Primary.

The report said: “Further progress has been made in making children’s learning more interesting and engaging.  Children settle and concentrate better now and they continue to be more involved in planning and discussing their learning and this has helped improve their motivation.

“In the primary classes, children are continuing to develop their confidence in reflecting on their learning and talking about what they do well and what they need to do to improve further.

“There is now more consistency across the primary stages in teachers sharing the purpose of the learning and of how children will know if they have been successful. Children feel this is making learning more interesting and they feel more involved.”

In the report, inspectors commented that better communication existed between parents and teachers – with parents now clear over homework arrangements and expectations, leading to feelings that they could now better support their children’s home learning. It also concluded that staff now worked more effectively as a team on curriculum development.

Head Teacher Elizabeth Beattie and her staff had also managed and led the improvement process, the report saying: “Staff have responded positively to the professional development opportunities provided to improve learning and teaching throughout the school.

“Across the school there is now a more informed view of what the school does well and what it needs to do to improve further. All staff now understand their roles and responsibilities in identifying and taking forward school improvement priorities.”

Laurence Findlay, director of education and social care at the local authority, welcomed the inspectors’ findings, saying: “I am happy with the very positive progress which has been made by the school since its initial inspection and this demonstrates the commitment of staff and the wider community.”