Rolling Stones author looks for Moray help with Beatles project

Richard Houghton - Author is looking for help in research The Beatles appearance in Moray
Richard Houghton – Author is looking for help in research The Beatles appearance in Moray

THE AUTHOR WHO published one of the most comprehensive studies into the Rolling Stones from the viewpoint of the fans who saw their ground-breaking concerts is looking for help in Moray.

Richard Houghton recently published book ‘The Rolling Stones Live 1962-1969’, tells the story of the iconic band from the point of view of audience members who witnessed their early rise.

Now, the Manchester-based writer is looking to repeat the exercise with The Beatles – and that is where people in Moray may be able to help in his research.

“There have been lots of books about The Beatles,” Richard told insideMoray, adding: “But what I’m trying to tell is the story of their shows from the point of view of the audience.

“Britain was a very different place then than it is now and I’m hoping to capture the memories of the people who were perhaps teenagers in the 1960’s and who are probably grandparents now so that their recollections can be captured for all time.

“The Beatles’ show in Elgin at the Two Red Shoes Ballroom was one of the earliest they performed in the UK outside Merseyside.

“Alongside the Stones they defined what it was like to be a teenager in 1960s Britain – and I’m really keen to hear people’s memories of seeing The Beatles.

“I don’t want to hear just about what John and Paul wore that night or the songs they played, but how old people were, who they went with, what their parents thought about it and whether they had to go to school or to work the next day.

“I am also interested to know what the audience reaction was like, as this show was long before Beatlemania took hold on the world.”

When the Beatles appeared in Elgin they had already learned much of their craft in Hamburg, Please Please Me was to reach No. 2 in the UK charts – and they went on to top the UK charts 17 times through the 1960’s.

Richard said: “There are reports that it was a cold and snowy night and that the first half of the show was witnessed by around 80 people – but that there were 200 there after the interval.

“I am hoping some insideMoray readers will have been there on that night or know parents or grandparents who were and can help me paint a picture of what the Fab Four were like before they became really famous.”

Anyone with Beatles in Elgin memories to share with Richard is asked to contact him directly by email to or by writing to him at 7 Hartley Road, Manchester, M21 9NG.

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