Warning not to tempt criminals with careless handling of Christmas cash

More shoppers, more cash - more criminal opportunities.
More shoppers, more cash – more criminal opportunities.

SHOP OWNERS AND staff throughout Moray are being warned to be extra careful as towns and village stores gear up for the additional business Christmas brings.

Higher footfall means more cash being handled – and that in turn provides a greater temptation for those with criminal intent.

Crime reduction officers in the Aberdeenshire and Moray Police division are urging owners and shop workers to do everything they can to prevent themselves becoming targets, with Constable Kev Marron offering advice.

He said: “There should be agreed maximum cash levels for all tills and points of sale and these should be adhered to. You should consider taking precautions when moving money around the premises – while ensuring that safes are installed out of view and secured to the fabric of the building.

“Doors to staff areas should also be kept locked at all times with access strictly controlled.”

The advice was backed up by Inspector Colin Taylor, who pointed out that while Moray was a low crime area the aim of the police was to keep that trend going.

He added: “Companies should not keep large sums of money in their premises and we would encourage retailers to consider the use of cash transit companies.”