Dismay as motorists ignore dangers and speed through the snow

Dismay as motorists ignore dangerous driving conditions
Dismay as motorists ignore dangerous driving conditions

POLICE HAVE EXPRESSED their dismay over motorists who continue to ignore dangers winter road conditions by driving over the speed limit.

A joint operation conducted this week by different Police Scotland division along the busy A96 between Inverness and Aberdeen led to 150 drivers being stopped and questioned over a number of offences.

Moray division roads officers were involved in the two-day operation at a time when poor weather conditions saw some areas covered in snow – and were left disappointed in finding that 20 drivers were exceeding the speed limit despite the dangerous conditions.

A number of fixed penalties were also issued to drivers who failed to clear snow from their vehicles – and so were unable to clearly see the road ahead. Eleven drivers were reported for using mobile phones while other vehicles were found to have expired MOT certificates – with one vehicle seized and another banned from the road because of defects.

Sergeant Steve Manson from the Trunk Road Policing Group said, “This is one of a number of operations we have carried out over multiple divisions across Scotland.  Being part of a national police service allows Road Policing units to easily work together to target specific areas or roads without being restricted by previous Force boundaries.

“Officers carried out dedicated patrols and roadside checks in marked and unmarked vehicles along the length of the road, with the support of safety camera vans.

“Reducing the number of people injured on Scotland’s roads is a top priority both nationally and locally for Police Scotland and it is extremely disappointing that a small minority of motorists are still placing other road users and themselves in danger by driving inappropriately or not ensuring that their vehicle is adequately maintained.

“With the recent spell of cold weather it is important that motorists take time to carry out some basic checks on their vehicles to ensure that they are ready for the wintery weather over the next few months.

“Road Policing Officers will continue to work together carrying out similar operations over the next few months in an effort to reduce casualties on Scotland’s roads and positively influence driver behaviour.”