Moray firm to the rescue for Santa’s solar panel problem

Santa - good to go thanks to Moray firm
Santa – good to go thanks to Moray firm

SANTA’S BATTLE WITH roof-mounted Solar Panels could finally be at an end thanks to the efforts of a Moray-based team of specialists.

Pioneering firm Green Moray Renewables, who are based on the Greshop Industrial Estate in Forres, were horrified to learn of Santa’s annual battle with their panels.

The man from the North Pole found it difficult and dangerous to land on buildings fitted with panels as Rudolf and the team kept slipping or cutting themselves on the mountings, while his sled was in danger of permanent damage.

It was not good for the panels either, a spokeswoman saying: “Santa’s landing gear kept getting stuck and was dislodging the fixings. Solar Panel installers all over the world were inundated with calls as a result, finding damage to their panels just after Christmas.”

Enter Green Moray Renewables, who after close cooperation with Santa’s Elf and Safety team came up with a solution – designing a special ‘rail’ that protects the panels from sleigh damage and also makes for a much smoother landing as well as a safer take-off.

The new innovation was revealed this week in a video published on the Green Moray Renewables website (see below), a definite case of the office Christmas Party having something to celebrate this year!