Moray mum speaks out against domestic violence

Stacy Devlin - determined to overcome domestic violence
Stacy Devlin is determined to overcome domestic violence and encourage other women to act

A MORAY MUM is hoping that by speaking out about her own domestic abuse suffering that other women will be encouraged to act rather than remain silent.

Stacy Devlin has been speaking to insideMoray following attendance at Elgin Sheriff Court on Wednesday, where her former partner pled guilty to domestic abuse charges.

Liam Smith was sentenced to be of good behaviour for six months – leaving Stacy with feelings of anger that it was not enough, but insisting that by speaking out she at least might encourage others not to suffer in silence.

“He pleaded guilty but the sentence he received did not really make me feel happy, quite the opposite – but I felt I needed to speak out about domestic abuse so that others should not be afraid of taking action,” the Fochabers mother of one said.

Stacy added: “We had a child together so the court took the view that things should be kept as easy as possible because of that, which is understandable. But I think he got off a bit too lightly.”

Stacy has been determined to move on with her life, devoting all her love and attention on her son.  She said: “He was violent and I had evidence of that through photographs of the bruising left on my face, so I thought he got off lightly – the mental torture he put me through was unreal and because of his abuse I now suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

“But at least something good will have come from this if by speaking about it other women realise that they do not and should not put up with abusive partners, I just do not want anyone to go through the pain and suffering I have had to endure.

“Now I just want to get on with my life and bring up my son.”

Moray Council has provided help and advice to those who suffer from domestic abuse.