New film celebrates the life of former Lossiemouth aviator

Eric Brown lands a Vampire on the deck of HMS Ocean - he went on to command HMS Fulmar in Lossiemouth
Eric Brown lands a Vampire on the deck of HMS Ocean – he went on to command RNAS Fulmar in Lossiemouth

A LEGENDARY NAVY aviator who spent a period in command of the airfield at Lossiemouth during its period as HMS Fulmar has had his story told in a new film.

Eric Brown has long been recognised as the greatest living British aviator, having served as a test pilot on most of the iconic aircraft flown by UK Forces.

Mr Brown, now 96, still holds the record for the most aircraft flown by the British aviator, with 487 different types listed on his logbook from an amazing career that including landing a twin engine fighter on an aircraft carrier and the first pilot to land a jet aircraft on a carrier in 1945.

His career has been detailed in a new DVD published by Quanta Films and includes his service as the commander at RNAS Lossiemouth from 1967 until 1970 – a period in his distinguished career that is still celebrated at RAF Lossiemouth through exhibits in the base museum.

Born in Leith, Eric last returned to Lossiemouth in 2009 as the guest of honour at a Battle of Britain memorial dinner on the base.

Responsible for the film is Nicholas Jones who said: “Eric Brown is Britain’s greatest living aviator – if not the world’s, and he has a very strong affinity with Lossiemouth.

“He served on the base [when it was RNAS Lossiemouth] in the 1950s before returning to take over as station commander in the late 1960s. He is a Scottish and British national hero – and nobody will ever fly as many aircraft as he has.”

‘Eric Brown – a Pilot’s Story’ is being released to mark the 70th anniversary of Eric’s famous first ever jet landing of a Sea Vampire jet onto the deck HMS Ocean in December, 1945.

Details on how to obtain a copy of the 80-minute DVD can be found online.

Eric Brown – A Pilot’s Story documentary trailer from Nicholas Jones on Vimeo.