Eight weeks work to begin to strengthen coastal sea wall

Damage caused after sea wall was breached in 2012
Damage caused after sea wall was breached in 2012

A SEA WALL that saw severe damage during storms in December 2012 is to undergo eight weeks of work aimed at strengthening it against similar weather.

The flood risk management team at Moray Council are behind the work on the wall at Lossiemouth, a section of which was the subject of repairs costing £450,000 to fill a 20m section that was breached.

A senior engineer at the local authority has confirmed that further work on strengthening the wall is scheduled to commence on February 8 and will take approximately eight weeks.

“This will involve drilling anchors into a 50m stretch of the wall, which will increase the structural integrity and increase its design life,” insideMoray has been told.

The requirement to strengthen the sea wall was highlighted during the repairs to the wall following what was its second failure in 20 years.

At the time it was considered that due to the age and likely condition of the sea wall, failures could become more frequent with any further repairs coming at a considerable cost to the local authority as well as “potential distress to the local community”.