Humble Moray black pudding makes the ‘superfood’ list

Brochure pic 2009/10
Jock Gibson – delighted that family recipe is regarded as a ‘superfood’

A MORAY SECRET family recipe is being hailed as a superfood – after years of being associated as being part of a poor diet.

Forres firm Macbeth’s the Butcher are now struggling to keep up with demand for their black pudding after it was added to a list of healthy foods for 2016.

Made from oats, pig blood and spices, Macbeth’s black pudding is now sharing the spotlight with blueberries, salmon, kale, acai and goji berries in the health food table.
Jock Gibson, director of Macbeth’s who have been using the same black pudding recipe for 30 years, said he was delighted the grub was now leading the way in the health food world.

He said: “Traditionally black pudding has made some people a bit squeamish due to the ingredients, but now it’s been given a new tag and is becoming ever more popular.

“We have seen sales increase gradually as it became popular to pair it with the likes of scallops, but since it has been deemed a superfood, sales have been rocketing.

“We make all our black pudding on the premises, we’ve always known it’s a great recipe and it’s won a gold star at the Great Taste Awards and we also supply a number of Michelin star restaurants up and down the country with it.

“Actually when you break down what’s in it, it’s no surprise that it’s rather good for you, as long as it’s eaten as part of a healthy diet.”

The new status accorded to black pudding came about because of its protein, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron content – and the fact that it is almost carb-free.

Jock said: “It’s great that this news has come out at this time of year as usually there is a we slump is sales, however we are getting orders in, particularly online, from all over the country for our black pudding. It’s super.”