Campaign to install barriers on Speyside road is backed by MSP

A RENEWED CALL has been issued to have safety barriers put in place on a series of dangerous bends on a rural Moray road.

Local MSP Richard Lochhead is backing a campaign that is calling on a change of mind from Moray Council after the removal of trees on the B9014 at Parkmore left the road in a dangerous condition.

Mr Lochhead was contacted by constituents who are regular users of the road between Keith and Dufftown – and who have expressed serious concerns about the danger of having no safety barriers on such a sharp bend by an extremely steep drop.

Constituents have pointed out that should drivers hit black ice or collide with another vehicle on this section of the road someone could end up over the embankment and seriously hurt or worse.

Now the MSP has written to the Chief Executive at Moray Council echoing the concerns of local residents and seeking an urgent review of their positon that no parking barriers are required along the road, but rather than additional road warning notices would suffice.

Mr Lochhead has highlighted the level of support the campaigners petition has received in such a short space of time, pointing out that they have the support of local SNP ward councillors, Mike McConachie and Pearl Paul.

The MSP said: “Serious concerns around driver safety at Parkmore Brae have arisen following the removal of trees from the roadside embankment and those who use the road between Keith and Dufftown have understandably expressed real fears about what could happen in the event of an accident.

“You only need to look at the number of people who have signed the campaigners petition in the last week to see the strength of feeling on the issue.

“Constituents have also been in touch with me to express their specific concerns, particularly around what would happen in the event of a driver hitting black ice, given just how steep the roadside embankment is and there is now nothing to protect cars from going over the edge.

“I share the concerns of road users and added my support to the community campaign by writing to the Council’s Chief Executive calling on them to urgently review their position and urging them to take on board the views of the public.”