Elgin girl Kirsty refused to give in to weight gremlins

Kirsty Bowcutt - determination required to get her weight down - twice
Kirsty Bowcutt – determination required to get her weight down – twice

AN ELGIN GRAPHIC Designer who made some life-changing choices has been speaking of her joy at shedding almost four stone.

Kirsty Bowcutt weighed in at 15 stone when she started planning her wedding day – and high on the agenda of dress, flowers and reception venues was shedding a few pounds before the big day.

“I managed to lose an amazing four stone thanks to a lot of hard work – and support and encouragement from my local weight watchers group,” Kirsty said – adding that things from there did not go as smoothly as expected.

“I let all the good habits I’d learned slip in the weeks after the wedding and put a bit of weight back on again – my excuse was that I had been on honeymoon.”

An even better reason for regaining weight followed as before she had a chance to recover the her married-day weight she fell pregnant!

“That was the first time in my life that I was simply not allowed to diet – so I used that as an excuse and ate everything and anything so the weight piled back on again – way more than ‘baby weight’ should have been.

“By the time my son was born I weighted more than I had ever done – so I joined weight watchers online, then decided I needed more support so went to a meeting with my mum and sister.”

The path back to a healthier weight was not an easy one, however, in particular after her family members gave up attending meetings: “For six months I stayed the same, which was frustrating, but I knew myself I was ‘playing’ at it I wasn’t following the plan properly.

“But I spoke to the meeting leader and something clicked and I got back in to focus and slowly started losing most weeks and as I got closer to goal the more motivated I became – and finally this week I got to goal.”

These days Kirsty’s exercise regime has increased 300% – she has more energy and insists that she actually enjoys exercising now where before it was a chore. “I also now make healthier eating choices,” she added.

Weight Watchers classes are held throughout Moray – for details visit www.weightwatcherslocal.co.uk.