Lossiemouth is to lose its mail delivery depot

Royal Mail delivery office to close in the Spring
Royal Mail delivery office to close in the Spring

ONE OF MORAY’S largest communities is to lose its mail delivery office – forcing customers to collect undelivered packages in Elgin.

Royal Mail warned last year that they were looking at the future of the Lossiemouth sorting office as the building was considered to be “unfit for purpose”.

Now just weeks after the adjoining post office was closed and moved to a local newsagent they have confirmed that the sorting office will close with all staff moving to Elgin.

Spokeswoman Morag Turnbull said: “This is part of Royal Mail’s transformation of its business and its work to increase the efficiency of its operation – as well as providing delivery offices that are fit for purpose for our staff and for our customers.

“As a commercial business, Royal Mail is operating in a market where letters are in structural decline and where there is competition in letters and parcels. The Lossiemouth office is no longer fit for purpose as we now deal with more parcels.”

Deliveries in the town will continue to be carried out by the same postal staff – but they will be working from the Elgin sorting office, and that is where customers will need to collect any undelivered mail.

Ms Turnbull said: “Royal Mail is no longer able to offer a collection point for undeliverable mail in Lossiemouth as it was not able to secure suitable premises. All services, including picking up mail, will transfer to Elgin which has increased opening hours and improved facilities for customers.”

The final closure of the Lossiemouth delivery office is likely to take place by late spring.