Oil and Gas workers encouraged to look at a Teaching career

Former Oil workers encouraged to look at teacher training

OIL AND GAS WORKERS who have seen their careers cut short by the current industry crisis are being offered a chance to help fill the teacher shortage in Moray and throughout the North East.

Education Secretary Angela Constance revealed plans on Tuesday that aims to give former oil industry workers the chance to retrain as teachers.

Part of the Scottish Government’s support for the North East, Ms Constance said that the Scottish Government intends to develop a “pathway into teaching” within the £12million Transitional Training Fund announced earlier this month by the First Minister.

Moray has a well-publicised difficulty in recruiting teachers prepared to relocate to the region – now the Scottish Government hope that their latest plan will help alleviate that problem by making it easier for former offshore industry employees to switch careers.

SNP MSP Mark McDonald said: “It’s essential that we keep skilled workers in the North East and give individuals the opportunity to retrain into new fields – creating a pathway into teaching is an ideal way to allow oil and gas workers to pass on their skills and experience to the next generation.

“It is also significant that the Education Secretary has recognised the pressure on teacher recruitment in the region and will explore new ways to attract teachers and head teachers to the North East.

“This is something I have discussed with the Education Secretary, particularly with an eye on boosting the number of STEM qualified teachers in the North East, and I welcome the Government taking this approach.

“After recently announcing Scottish Government investment of £379m, including our £125m share of the City Deal, the SNP has demonstrated that we are absolutely committed to supporting the North East and ensuring the long term prosperity of the region.”