Pledge hopes to spark detailed discussion on cancer treatments

Richard Lochhead signs cancer pledge (Pic: Insight Consulting Group)
Richard Lochhead signs cancer pledge (Pic: Insight Consulting Group)

ATTEMPTS TO ADVANCE a debate around innovative new treatments for cancer patients has been supported by Moray’s MSP.

Richard Lochhead marked his support for the campaign to advance treatments for cancer and to support cancer patients by signing a ‘pledge’ organised by Kidney Cancer Scotland, Melanoma UK, the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and Bristol Myers-Squibb.

The campaign has been launched in the hope of sparking a detailed discussion around innovative treatments and patient outcomes.

The Moray MSP signed a pledge that reads “I pledge to support new and exciting advances in the treatment of cancer which offer patients the prospect of improved long-term survival from cancer across a range of tumour types.”

Mr Lochhead said: “There are few folk in Moray have not been touched in some way by cancer. Many have had the disease or know someone who has had it.

“Advances are being made in cancer treatments all the time. However, it’s important that we continue to research innovative ideas to ensure that new treatments continue to become available.

“Cancer is such a horrible disease and I am proud to sign this pledge to support achieving long-term survival for people who are affected by cancer.”