Design competition is launched for a new Elgin Sculpture

Elgin rich heritage to be celebrated with a new sculpture in the town centre

A NEW SCULPTURE is to be put in place in Elgin that will reflect the heritage of the town.

In what is hoped will become a landmark feature for tourists and residents alike, the Castle to Cathedral project is invited established or emerging UK-based sculptors to submit their proposals.

These are expected to be imaginative, permanent and of a suitably high quality that will reflect Moray’s main town.  Funding for the project is being provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere partnership.

Jim Royan, who is the partnership chairman, explained: “The artworks should illustrate a particular aspect of Elgin’s heritage and should appeal to both locals and visitors alike.

“Our aim is to engage, educate, excite and intrigue the public within the context of our rich heritage and help Elgin to become established as a compelling visitor destination.

“Ultimately, the main aim of the project is to involve more people in its history and spark the imagination of those who live, work and visit this area, conjuring up scenes from the past, telling unseen stories and bringing the heritage of Elgin to life.”

Describing the initiative as a “unique and exciting challenge”, Mr Royan expects artists to design, develop and produce an original piece that will create a centrepiece and key part of Elgin’s townscape.

The call comes five years after a detailed Mosaic was removed after it became damaged from people walking over it
The last new artistic work commissioned was removed  five years ago – a detailed Mosaic that became damaged from people walking over it.

He added: “Visitors and members of the community in Elgin’s 21st century Elgin can experience and enjoy coming face to face with a historical character from Elgin’s past.”

Artists should come up with a design that is either commemorative or simply artistic – but if they involve a character, the project are specifying that it should be one of three – the Wolf of Badenoch, a market trader or the town drummer, William Edwards, who died in 1822.

Other key requirements is that the work should convey an obvious connection with Elgin’s past, encourage interactivity – something that makes people wish to touch, sit on or play with. It should be constructed from high-quality materials that are robust, weatherproof and vandal proof, designed to last for many years.

The design should also enhance the important public spaces in which they are located and present no danger to the public.

Short-listed entrants will be asked to work up their proposals to a more detailed level which will be put on display to engage public support, after which the final appointment will be made. It is estimated that the works should be in place by the end of this year.

Full details including application guidance about the competition can be downloaded on the Castle to Cathedral to Cashmere website with proposals submitted by no later than 12noon on Friday, April 15 2016.