Moray Council Tax payers ‘barred’ from paying their bills

Council Tax bills bungled
Council Tax bills bungled

SOME COUNCIL TAX Payers in Moray could face difficulties paying their bills – because of a misprint on many of those sent out by the local authority.

The issue was identified in the barcode printed on paper bills and would cause problems when presented for payment at Post Offices or PayPoint outlets as the code is unable to be read by their scanning equipment.

As many as 10,000 bills produced by an external contractor on behalf of Moray Council are affected, a spokesman said.

“Those bills that are affected have been identified and replacement bills with a barcode that works have been issued today,” the Moray Council spokesman said in a statement issued today.

The spokesman added: “This will only affect those that pay at the Post Office or PayPoint outlets – not those that pay by Direct Debit, online or any other method.”

Council Tax payers are assured that the replacement bills should arrive in good for first instalments that are due to be paid by Friday, April 1.

“When the replacement bills arrive the old ones should be destroyed,” the Council statement added.