Moray primary pupils get up close with RAF technology

Kids get to grips with RAF safety equipement
Kids get to grips with RAF safety equipment (pic: Cpl Dave Blackburn)

CHILDREN FROM TWO local primary schools were treated to a technology demonstration by RAF Lossiemouth personnel as part of Moray bases’ support for the STEM initiative.

STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – was taken to Hythehill and St Gerardine’s primary schools on two separate visits from the RAF team.

There they explained radar waves, hydraulics, command of air space and the engineering of a jet ejector seat. The children were encouraged to get ‘hands on’ with the equipment the RAF team had brought with them – and took full advantage of the opportunity.

Squadron Leader Richie Wenman is the Senior Air Traffic Control Officer at RAF Lossiemouth and he gave a talk to the children about air space.

He said: “It was my pleasure to speak to the pupils on the subject of space as part of their STEM week. The children were very engaged and asked me a lot of questions, particularly on the subject of black holes and Saturn’s rings.

“I had a great time and hopefully I inspired one of them to be a scientist, engineer or mathematician in the future; who knows, maybe even an astronaut!”

Rachel Wolford, who co-ordinates the STEM Club at Hythehill Primary School, added: “The presentations by the guys from RAF Lossiemouth were fantastic, they had a great rapport with the children, explained everything, and were very entertaining – the children loved the talks and asked lots of questions.

“The children’s experiences over the week were amazing, and hopefully we have inspired some new engineers for the future!”

RAF Lossiemouth is also taking part in the Moray Science Festival this weekend, when the Typhoon ejector seat display will be taken along by the base Survival Equipment Fitters – always a popular exhibit with parents and children eager to learn about the engineering behind life-saving equipment.

The Moray base has several STEM ambassadors as part of the its participation in the nationwide initiative. They utilise the technology available on a Typhoon Main Operating Base to encourage children to consider science, technology, engineering and maths based careers both in wider society as well as the Royal Air Force.