Moray pupil facing charges after taking a knife to school

Milne's High - pupil charged after taking knife to school
Milne’s High – pupil charged after taking knife to school

A MORAY SCHOOL pupil has been charged after taking a knife to classes at Milne’s High School in Fochabers.

Parents have been voicing their concerns that they were never informed about the incident until a week after it had happened when head teacher Trish Cameron informed them by email.

In that Ms Cameron revealed that the pupil was found in possession of the weapon – believed to have been a domestic kitchen knife – at the school on March 3, adding that the matter had been dealt with in “an appropriate and timely manner”.

Staff at the school had been informed of the knife by another pupil with the head teacher saying that the situation was then addressed “in accordance with local authority procedures and guidance”.

The letter added: “I can assure you that our main priority was the safety of our young people and that no one was harmed. As was the case with all other secondary schools in Moray, pupils in Milne’s High School were made aware of the implications of carrying weapons through a series of assemblies conducted by Police Scotland late last year.

“We will continue to remind our young people of these and of the serious consequences for them should they be found on school premises in possession of such weapons.”

Local councillor Douglas Ross last night said it was clearly a “worrying incident” for all concerned at the school, while a Moray Council spokesman confirmed the incident, saying that it was being investigated by Police Scotland.

Schools throughout Scotland have been made very much aware of the dangers posed by pupils taking knives to school. Last month a youth was convicted of stabbing 16-year-old Bailey Gwynne at Cults Academy in Aberdeen.