Night flying warning for Moray’s fast jets

Night training next week for Moray's fast jets
Night training next week for Moray’s fast jets

RESIDENTS AROUND MORAY’S RAF base are being warned to expect a greater number of flights beyond their normal operating hours next week.

Night flying is generally restricted at RAF Lossiemouth other than where operational requirements, such as launching of aircraft on intercept missions, is essential.

However, from time to time training needs to be undertaken on after-dark flying and when that happens the base provides advance notice to the public.

Announcing that such training is taking place at the base between Monday and Thursday next week, the base Station Commander, Group Captain Paul Godfrey, said: “We must prepare our air crews for possible operational activity in any environment and therefore they must carry out rigorous training and continuous practice.

“Realistic training at night is essential to ensure our crews are proficient in the necessary skills and we do all that we can to minimise disruption to our local community.”

The main disturbance for Moray residents will come in late evening and is not expected to be after 11.30pm on any night. Typhoons from the base will undertake most of their training over the Tain Air Weapons Range.