Police warning throughout north east over seat belts

Seat belt warning after children found unrestrained

PEOPLE FROM THROUGHOUT the north east are being reminded to ensure that seat belts are worn on all journeys following the discovery of three children travelling “unrestrained” in a vehicle over the Easter holiday.

The March 24 incident in Aberdeen was observed by police when a car was driven past them with the children standing on the rear seat.

Shocked officers stopped the vehicle when they discovered the children were aged between eight and 12 years – they pointed out the obvious dangers to the female driver, but a general warning has also been issued for all motorists in the North East Police division area.

Inspector Jon Barron of the Divisional Road Policing Unit said: “This is another shocking example of someone blatantly putting children’s’ lives in danger.

“Had there been a collision, or had the driver to brake harshly for whatever reason, the possible consequences could not be clearer.

“Wearing a seat belt will massively reduce these risks. Please wear a seat belt at all times and ensure all passengers and children carried in your vehicle are properly restrained.

Please keep them safe – Please Don’t Risk It!’’

The driver, a 42-year-old female, has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal.