Pupils ‘amazing’ business acumen raises over £3400

The pupils meet
The pupils meet up with the equally amazing Ehryn Andrews this week

MORAY HIGH SCHOOL pupils have demonstrated “amazing” business acumen and artistic skills that has provided a massive boost to a local charity.

The senior pupils at Buckie High School succeeded in raising £3446 for Logan’s Fund, the charity founded in memory of Logan Reece Main who died at just three-years-old following a year-long battle against the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

S6 pupils Erin Mackenzie, Megan McGowan, Isla McRae, Emmy-Jo Munro, Niamh Paterson and Taylor Patient, mentored by their teacher Sarah Matthews, set up a business and called it ‘Nevada’.

Through that they sold unique handmade Christmas ‘snowmannies’ that were created from basic materials. This week the pupils handed over the fantastic profits from their efforts to Elgin seven-year-old Ehryn Andrews and her mother Lyanne.

Ehryn was diagnosed with an osteosarcoma tumour in her pelvis on her sixth birthday in October 2014.

Over the following months she endured several intensive periods of chemotherapy as well as other treatments and a ten hour operation to remove her tumour. The chemotherapy took a huge toll on Ehryn’s young body resulting in heart failure in July last year – a successful heart transplant took place a short while later, and by the latter part of 2015 Ehryn went into remission from the cancer.

A spokesman for Logan’s Fund said: “The fund promised Ehryn and her family a special holiday once she was able to travel – in July they will jet off for that holiday in Majorca.

“Something Logan’s Fund were very keen to start doing this year was arranging for those who have gone to amazing time and efforts to raise money for us to meet the children that we are helping.

“We thought the ‘Nevada’ girls were the perfect group to launch this idea with. We thought it would be inspiring for people who have supported us to meet the children whose life they are making a direct impact on – and it in some way completes the fundraising journey.

“These girls are absolutely inspiring anyway, but we know how thrilling it was for them to meet Ehryn.

“We would like to thank the girls for their incredible efforts and to wish them well in the Buckie High School final of the Young Enterprise initiative tomorrow evening.”