Election hopeful gives thanks to SNP tormentors

Sean Morton - taunting led to a boost in his campaign funding
Sean Morton – taunting led to a boost in his campaign funding

THE LABOUR CANDIDATE for the Moray seat in May’s Scottish Parliamentary elections has thanked SNP activists for their mocking comments made after a national media report on his fundraising efforts.

Sean Morton was celebrating last night after discovering that supporters had raised hundreds of pounds for his election campaign in a direct reaction to the taunts from SNP activists – which helped boost the fundraising campaign to more than the SNP had managed.

Mr Morton – a local councillor in Moray who is contesting the seat against SNP candidate Richard Lochhead, Tory Douglas Ross and LibDem Jamie Paterson – said he has been mocked on social media by SNP activists after the Daily Mail published a claim that his funding efforts had managed just £15 towards his Holyrood campaign.

However, a Moray Labour spokesperson thanked the SNP supporters last night, saying the Daily Mail had got it wrong in their report but the subsequent reaction had helped boost Labour coffers.

The spokesperson said: “Yesterday they pointed and laughed at our campaign – even though we had raised much more than the £15 they said we had.  What happened in response is astonishing – overnight Sean’s campaign not only reached our fundraising target, it smashed it.

“Thanks to the arrogance of some people in the SNP, their friends at the Daily Mail and strong support for our candidate we have had our best day of fundraising ever. At this point we’ve raised even more than the SNP, although their millionaire friends will surely help them out.”

Mr Morton added: “From the bottom of my heart, thank you to each and every person who gave what they could. With every pound we’ll fight hard for every Moray vote.”