Feature: Welfare of Moray’s feline population in good hands

Frontline in the battle to care for Moray's cat population
Frontline team in the battle to care for Moray’s cat population

MORAY CATS PROTECTION became the lucky recipients of a donation from Pets at Home – a pallet of cat related items containing toys, scratching posts, food, beds and blankets.

All are items that will benefit the cats in foster care awaiting new homes. Moray Cats Protection rehomed 100 cats from their care last year and these items will prove invaluable and make the time cats spend in care more comfortable and enjoyable.

The branch, which is run by volunteers, collected the goods from the Pets at Home store in Elgin in their new van which was recently purchased from funds received as part of a legacy. The van is helping the volunteers when they are trapping feral cats for neutering or picking up strays to take them into care.

It is also used to go round the various towns where the branch has food bins. They are extremely grateful to the very generous people of Moray who donate food to help them feed the cats in care and the feral cats they look after.

The branch aims to help rehome unwanted cats, help and encourage the neutering of all cats and give advice on cat welfare.

They are currently running a neutering campaign to help those on low income, recipients of the state pension, full time students and those on income related benefits to get their cats neutered. Cats can be neutered from 5 months of age and it has many benefits including:

  • It stops unwanted kittens
  • It reduces fighting between cats, reducing the risk of catching life-threatening diseases
  • Neutered cats are less likely to wander and get run over (most cats killed on the road are unneutered toms)
  • Neutered male cats are less likely to display territorial behaviour such as spraying

If you would like to contact Moray Cats Protection please call them on 07837 342 646, email info@moray.cats.org.uk or visit our Facebook page Moray Cats Protection.