Giant turbine transport misery due to end this week

Transport of parts to Keith due to end this week.
Transport of parts to Keith due to end this week.

MISERY FOR MORAY motorists is set to come to an end with the transportation of giant wind turbine components set to be completed this week.

For the last month chaos has ensued as the turbines have been transported by road along the A96 through the heart of Elgin – causing traffic chaos along Moray’s busiest route.

Motorists have been left frustrated as they are caught up in the regular convoys carrying the parts from Inverness Harbour to the Edintore windfarm site at Keith.

Now, however, Vento Ludens, who are behind the new windfarm, has said that all the components are set to be on site by Friday – with construction manager Daniel Rafferty delivering the good news for Moray commuters.

He said: “We are very pleased with the progress so far and our specialist haulage contractor and turbine supplier have worked together with the police to transport the abnormal loads in a safe and efficient manner.

“Their previous experience gained in delivering large components in this area has allowed them to complete the task with the minimal amount of disturbance possible.”

Several disgruntled commuters who have been in touch with insideMoray will certainly welcome the news that the transportation of the turbines parts is coming to an end, one saying: “Well that’s some good news – it seemed to me that they were deliberately timing their arrival through Elgin to coincide with the busiest parts of the day!

“I understand that they need to get these turbines on site some way, but could never quite understand why they could not be transported overnight.”

The turbine construction phase is expected to be completed by June for a site that sparked controversy from the moment it was placed before Moray Council planners, the scheme having originally been rejected.

However, an appeal to the Scottish Government reporter ruled that the reason for rejection, environmental impact, was not an acceptable reason to reject the plan.