Hundreds of mourners pay final tribute to Keiran McKandie

Roadside tributes and the medal presented in Keiran's memory by a Scottish Champion
Roadside tributes and the medal presented in Keiran’s memory by a Scottish Champion

A FAMILY AND COMMUNITY paid touching tribute to the memory of teen downhill mountain bike enthusiast Keiran McKandie in Elgin on Friday.

The Elgin Academy 16-year-old was killed when his bike was hit by a car on the B9010 near his home at Miltonduff, Keiran had been out with friends following their joint passion for the sport.

Around 25 of Keiran’s friends led a funeral cortege on their bikes to the Elgin Town Hall, where around 500 mourners attended to pay their final respects to the much loved and admired young man.

Later mourners followed a procession to the Pluscarden churchyard where Keiran was laid to rest.

Keiran’s parents Gordon and Sandra paid tribute to their only son, saying: “Our darling beautiful son, Keiran Gordon McKandie, was the love of our lives and the reason for living.”

Since the tragic accident on Sunday, March 20, Keiran’s family and friends have visited the site leaving tributes to Keiran at the roadside. Tributes have also been posted on his Social Media site, with more following Friday’s funeral.

Emma Savage wrote: “Well it looked like everyone gave you an amazing send-off. So happy as you totally deserved it and more – again I wish I could have been there, was thinking of you all day – sleep tight buddy!”

Keiran’s friend Luke Playle added: “Today was so hard buddy but I hope we all did you proud, I know your Mum did. We were all with you until the very end, ride in peace you legend.”

Another friend, Matthew Ferris, added: “I hope you are looking down and smiling today bro, everyone is so proud to have been a part of your life. We said goodbye to the beating heart of the group today – until next time, ride in peace.”

Before Friday’s funeral it was revealed that a fellow downhill mountain bike enthusiast paid his own touching tribute to a friend and competitor.

Scottish Downhill Champion Henry Kerr’s medal, won at the first round of the Scottish Downhill Association championships last month, was handed to Keiran’s friend Mark Watson this week.

The medal was won on the same day that Keiran died – Mark said: “He told me to ‘give it to Keiran’, much respect to Henry for the truly touching gesture.”