Airmen flying in support of attempt to recapture Fallujah

Lossiemouth Typhoons in close support over Fallujah
Lossiemouth Typhoons have been operating in close support missions over Fallujah

RAF LOSSIEMOUTH AIRMEN have been closely involved in the major action by Iraqi forces to recapture the city of Fallujah from Daesh terrorists.

Last week a major offensive began to recapture the city, which is just 43 miles from the capital Baghdad and has been held by Daesh for almost two years.

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that RAF Lossiemouth Typhoons have been providing close air support to the Iraqi ground forces alongside Tornados and other allied aircraft.

The latest MoD report on the RAF activities said: “With the Iraqi offensive to liberate Fallujah well under way, a pair of Paveway-armed Typhoons provided close air support west of the city, where they destroyed three stockpiles of terrorist weapons and ammunition.

“Typhoon operations west of Fallujah continued on Wednesday 25 May, when they patrolled the area leading to Habbaniyah and on to the outskirts of Ramadi. They conducted a series of Paveway IV attacks, accounting for two Daesh positions, including a heavy machine-gun team, as well as an artillery piece and a bunker.

“They returned to the same area the following day, hitting an ammunition cache that had been spotted near the destroyed bunker. They then struck a building north-east of Fallujah where a large group of terrorists had been reported massing for a counter-attack.”

The Typhoons activity continued this week with another operation on Monday as ground forces made progress on the outskirts of the city: “Another Typhoon mission maintained a close air support presence over Fallujah, and, working very closely with a coalition surveillance aircraft, used Paveway IVs to attack an armed truck and a Daesh fighting position.”