Bogus cold callers still managing to con the unwary

Telephone fraudsters still managing the same cons.
Telephone fraudsters still managing the same cons.

POLICE HAVE EXPRESSED their concerns over the danger still being posed by bogus telephone callers who are still managing to fool the unwary.

North East Division has been highlighting a recent case in the Nairn area that they believe underlines the dangers to those living anywhere in the north east.

A caller claiming to be from the Royal Bank of Scotland’s fraud department called a woman and told her of suspicious activity on her account, advising her to transfer funds – she did so, to the tune of over £26,000.

The ‘call back scam’ is well known, where the fraudster becomes more convincing by inviting the unwary customer to call them back. However, they keep the line open – so when the call back is made, the victim is still talking to fraudster when they think they are talking to their bank.

Chief Inspector Brian Mackay advises: “Extremely convincing in their scamming techniques, these despicable individuals have the potential to harm any member of the community who is unfortunate enough to be targeted.

“Our advice is never to engage with anyone cold calling you, especially when it relates to supposed account security. If you have concerns regarding financial or bank related issues pay a visit to your local branch, who will always be happy to assist you.

“Crimes of this nature can happen anywhere so we urge householders to remain vigilant, phoning 101 immediately if you receive a suspicious phone call. Scams can have a devastating effect on victims and Police Scotland will continue to robustly target those who carry out these despicable crimes.”

An investigation is ongoing into the fraud – and police are warning that similar reports continue to arrive from throughout Scotland.