Moray Labour express their ‘shock and sadness’ at MPs death

Jo Cox MP - shot while talking to constituents today.
Jo Cox MP – shot while talking to constituents today.

THE MORAY BRANCH of the Labour party has expressed their shock and condolences following the death of party colleague Jo Cox MP, who was attacked and killed in West Yorkshire earlier today.

Mrs Cox – a 41-year-old mother of two who was elected to parliament last year – was shot three times and stabbed in her Batley & Spen constituency. A 52-year-old man was arrested at the scene.

Moray Labour added their message to hundreds being issued from around the world today expressing their condolences to Mrs Cox’s husband, Brendan, and her children.

Speaking for the local party members Sean Morton said: “On behalf of the Moray Labour Party and I’m sure the people of Moray I offer our deepest sympathy to the family of Jo Cox. She was a fine public servant in the very best Labour tradition and her life has been tragically cut short.

“Every day men and women, of all political parties. go to work to improve their community and take part in the great experiment that is democracy. It’s scary being confronted by angry people who disagree with you but we do it because we want to make a difference.

“Let’s remember Jo Cox as someone who stood up for what she believed in and as someone who was simply in her community trying to help. Speak HER name, not that of her killer.”