Moray Trade Union members called to EU debate

Assistant Secretary of the STUC will argue for a 'remain' vote in Elgin on Monday.
Assistant Secretary of the STUC will argue for a ‘remain’ vote in Elgin on Monday.

WHILE POLITICAL PARTIES have called a temporary halt to campaigning ahead of Thursday’s EU referendum as a mark of respect for murdered MP Jo Cox, the debate is expected to resume in Moray on Monday.

In Moray campaigning has been relatively low key throughout the campaign, with leading politicians only recently becoming more directly involved with SNP pair Angus Robertson MP and Richard Lochhead MSP holding a meeting on Tuesday where they will explain why they believe the country should remain within the European Union.

Tory MSP Douglas Ross meanwhile has kept a low profile over the issue.

Now the local Trades Council has revealed that they will host an event on Monday, aimed at allowing their members and friends to hear about the choices they have in the Referendum as polls indicate that an exit vote looks far more likely that it did just a few weeks ago.

At their event in Elgin they will have Stephen Boyd, Assistant Secretary for the Scottish Trade Union Congress with responsibility for Economic and Industrial Policy, talking for the case of remaining in the EU.

Speaking for the leave side will be Paul Briggs, an Elgin-based SNP activist and engineer who has recently taken a step back from his Political Education role on the Elgin Branch of the party to concentrate on putting forward the “positive distinctly Scottish case for leaving the EU”.

Eileen Morrisson, chair of the Moray Trades Council, stressed the importance of members turning up and hearing both sides of the argument before making their decision on Thursday.

She said: “This vote is hugely important and the potential impact of the decision either way could have a significant effect on the working lives of many of our members.

“We are aiming to try and focus on the issues that matter to Trade Unionists and bring a different focus from the politician led other debates that have been happening across Scotland.

“We would encourage any Union members, their family and friends to come along regardless of political affiliation and to actively challenge and question the reps from each camp.”

The meeting will be held on Monday evening at 7.30pm in the Seaforth Club, Elgin.