Ratburger comes to life on the Brodie Castle lawn

'Ratburger' will be brought to life on the lawn at Brodie Castle.
‘Ratburger’ will be brought to life on the lawn at Brodie Castle.

DAVID WALLIAMS MAGICAL tale of a little girl and a rat is being brought to life on the lawn of a Moray castle this month.

The National Trust for Scotland will host a production of ‘Ratburger’ on the lawn of Brodie Castle near Forres on Sunday, June 26.

The stage version of Walliam’s best-selling children’s book will be performed by Heartbreak Productions – who had previously brought ‘Mr Stink’ to life last summer.

Ratburger is the story of Zoe, a little girl who is having to cope with some tricky issues at school and at home – and like all Walliams’ work, the story is both cheeky and immensely humorous for children and adults alike.

Talking of the villain of the tale, Bert the burger man – who wants to turn a pet rat into a burger, Walliams said: “I wanted a villain that children reading the book or listening to it would find scary – the trick is making him scary enough that people are going to be scared but not too scared [that it is] going to be disturbing.

“Hannibal Lecter would be out of place in a children’s book – so it is quite a hard line to cross, but the thing that scared me most as a kid was the child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – so I thought, could I come up with someone nearly as scary as that?”

Ratburger will be staged at 3pm on June 26, with tickets costing £13 for adults, £8 for children and £35 for a family ticket. They can be purchased online via the National Trust.