Fun for all as Lossie kids go on a ‘Poppy Break’

Lossie kids had a great time on 'Poppy Break'.
Lossie kids had a great time on ‘Poppy Break’.

DOZENS OF SERVICE children have returned from the annual ‘Poppy Adventure Break’ run by volunteers from RAF Lossiemouth.

The break was a seven-day outdoor activity residential adventure at Applecross on the west coast for young people aged over 10 and attached to RAF Lossiemouth.

Founded by the Royal British Legion, Poppy Breaks are open to children whose parents are currently serving or have served in the Armed Forces. The aim of the breaks is to provide opportunities for young people to enjoy themselves, gain independence and make friends.

The residential break for children of RAF personnel in Moray was run by volunteers from RAF Lossiemouth with activities provided by Outfit Moray, a local charity that specialises in outdoor activities for children.

Sarah Riley-Evans is the RAF Lossiemouth Community Development Worker and co-ordinated the Poppy Breaks for the Station’s Service children: “Our volunteers have done an excellent job running this Poppy Break.

“They’ve been so hard working and full of enthusiasm, and it’s their tireless efforts that made this event the success it was and so enjoyable and beneficial for our Service children.”

Flight Lieutenant Chris Beckley’s son Alex, aged 10, particularly enjoyed the kayaking, with Chris commenting: “Alex was one of the youngest children taking part but took the week away from home in his stride.

“The busy and adventurous programme of activities provided by Outfit Moray was of course the highlight with kayaking being the favourite. Alex came back happy with his achievements, with increased self-confidence as a result of putting life-skills such as teamwork and communication into practice.

“Poppy Break helps the children of Service personnel to form friendships and gives them a totally different environmental experience – this is really important as in some cases Service children move around the UK a lot due to the Service job moves of a parent and it can be difficult for some to settle down in a new area.

“For those children who have a parent who is away overseas on combat operations it is also a great way for the children to get away and relax, yet be kept busy with exciting activities.

“Well done and thank you to all the youth worker team and to the instructors!”